The room of manager

The manager of this homepage "the house of alchemy" is Dr. Junzo Hino.

The manager is a metallurgical engineer of the business fields such as metal smelting, recycling and waste treatment. Especially, he has much information of smelting & refining technology of nonferrous metal, rare metal and noble metals which image alchemy particularly.

Therefore, the title of this homepage is named as "the house of alchemy"

The alchemy is a chemical technology to produce noble metals such as gold from base metals such as iron and lead in a narrow sense.

In a wide sense, it also means the technique to produce an elixir of eternal life and a panacea.

It is recorded that the alchemy began in Egypt and India at the first century B.C.

It is developed as the technique combined with religion and philosophy, and it has the character of the black art respectively at each area in China, India, Arabia and Europe.

Although the alchemy is an error as the science, it systematized in Arabia, was elaborated and developed at the Middle Ages of Europe.

In the alchemy, much chemical knowledge including the various kinds of metal refining, distillation and sublimation method was accumulated and helped the basics of modern chemistry establishment.

Therefore, the study of the alchemy contributed to develop the scientific technology historically.

As you know, precious metals are respectively atomic elements.

Although the alchemy is possible to purify or to produce beautiful and useful alloy, precious metals cannot be produced from other metal elements by the alchemy.

Because there are the smelting & refining technologies of nonferrous metals and precious metals such as gold in this homepage, this homepage is named as "the house of alchemy".

Our homepage is continuously edited and additional pages are made.

The pages already shown are not the final version, so that they will be revised as needed.

Please let me know by the email of the inquired page, if you find the mistakes included in this homepage.

    Manager of this homepage : Junzo Hino